Loft Residence on Great Jones by OBRA
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New York

This 2,000 sf residence for two young professionals became an exploration of emotional/marital negotiations within the spatial constraints of urban dwelling. At opposite ends of the spectrum of possibility vis-à-vis open loft vs. partitioned intimacy and clean spareness vs. comfortable domesticity, the couple's desires culminated in a somewhat paradoxical scenario. The long and narrow space of the loft is granted convertible flexibility by two rolling walls: one partitioning a guest room/office off the living space and another defining a child's bedroom off the master bedroom.

Beyond meeting programmatic needs of flexibility, the work strives to address more subtle aspects of space definition. Through a new 160" x 80" window opened on a party wall, a large wash of light bisects the space, further modulating the raw volume into a coherent place for living. The window allows new views onto an old firehouse across the street to the North and to the South a distant vista spotted with the proverbial watertowers of New York City roofscapes. Directional orientation is acknowledged within the apartment through these characteristic and enhanced views.

Objects designed for the project double-function for spatial economy:
wall = door
fireplace = screen
windowsill = dining bench
night table = reading lamp
closet = giant lamp
bed = toy storage bucket.