City of the Future urban planning proposal for the History Channel invited competition by OBRA Architects, New York
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City of the Future DC2108

Washington D.C.
January 2008

Commuting in the city of the FUTURE will be a thing of the past. With increasing robotization, most jobs will become administrative or CREATIVE, and people will work from home or from neighborhood CENTERS.

With the reduction of traffic, people move about not out of need but out of DESIRE. Traffic will gradually move underground and the city will return to the PEDESTRIAN marking the end of the war between the city and the automobile.

The city of the future will be POLYCENTRIC, articulating into numerous distinctive neighborhoods of WALKABLE size. Climate change imperatives will call for the densification of these centers and residential SUPERTOWERS, freeing-up vast tracks of suburbia for the creation of BIOPARKS and URBAN FARMS.

Washington DC will lead as a major world capital, reducing impact of its footprint on earth, an American REVOLUTION as important and inspiring as the democratic ideal symbolically embodied in its DESIGN.

11 January 2008, New York