view of College of Design, University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Minnesota
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College of Architecture & Landscape Architecture

University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Articulating interior and exterior spaces, the College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture expansion promotes campus activity and pedestrian circulation while unifying both schools on campus. The addition of 48,000 square feet is comprised of two overlaid L-shaped masses which include a library, auditorium, office, seminar and studio space. The addition is a complement and counterpoint to an existing building by Thorshov and Cerny. While this building is centralized and homogeneous, the addition offers peripheral views and morphological multiplicity. The existing is centripetal, with right angles framing four views onto the same court; the addition is centrifugal, with obtuse angles opening to exterior landscapes. In compliment to the horizontal existing building, the arms of the addition end in vertical elevations, bracketing "shafts of space" and activating the campus.

Project Architect: Pablo Castro, Steven Holl Architects
Project Team: Jennifer Lee, Steven Holl Architects
Design Consultant, Construction Administration: OBRA Architects